Kingston, Jamaica

Thursday, March 5, 2015

WARNING!!! Alleged Gay Youth Stoned to Death in Jamaica (VIDEO)

A recent video of an alleged homosexual youth was stoned to death in Jamaica was posted on On-the-ground-news (a Jamaican online news) facebook page, which was then removed on March 3, 2015. The video below depicts the lifeless body of a young man clothed in tight pants with long hair (female "Bob" hair style) laying in a pool of his own blood and continuously being stoned by his executioners. In the video, one can hear clearly anti-gay slurs being used by one of the executioners with a Jamaican accent while carrying out the barbaric act lamented, "Batty-man yuh fi dead", in translation it means "gay, you should die", repeatedly. The identity of the deceased and location where the execution took place in Jamaica are being investigated.

Members of the Jamaican LGBT community are deeply sadden and heartbroken by the gruesome public execution of this young man in the streets of Jamaica. The video brought tears to my eyes and causes anger to permeate my heart. Many believe that all hopes for tolerance and respect for LGBT lives in Jamaica was shattered. Fear currently ripples through the entire community. 

One could hear the deadly silence coming from the Jamaican government, media and "LGBT community" which fosters and proliferates such inhumane acts against LGBT Jamaicans. Far too often such barbaric acts against perceived or known homosexuals living in Jamaica goes unreported and unpunished. Dwayne Jones, 16-year-old transgender woman, otherwise known as "Gully Queen" was murdered on July 22, 2013. No indictment or arrest was made in the death of Dwayne Jones.

We need the intervention of the international community/council on human rights to demand the end of LGBT persecution in Jamaica. Enough is enough! (Jamaica's Prime Minister) shame on you! Blood is on your hands. 


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