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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Betty-Ann Blaine's Anti-Gay Remarks Sparked Outrage: "The Nasty Act of Homosexuals Spread AIDS"

In light of the recent Supreme Court challenge (Javed Jaghai vs Attorney General) to repeal Jamaica's Buggery Law, Betty-Ann Blaine one of Jamaica's leading Anti-Gay Activists, homophobic remarks/attack has sparked outrage within the gay community.

On July 14-15, 2012, Betty-Ann Blaine the founder of Hear the Children Cry (Children advocacy group) contacted Dwayne Brown (Advocate) via Facebook message to voice her disapproval of the homosexual lifestyle and the court challenge of the buggery law.

According to Betty-Ann Blaine "gays kill more gays in Jamaica than straight, fact. I am against the repeal of the buggery law because of the effect that it can have on the needy." During an heated exchange with Mr. Brown, she wrote, "just know that the rights you are fighting for will not go anywhere because of me in particular  Just watch out for aids while you practice your nasty deprave acts."

The sentiments shared by Betty-Ann Blaine, Lawyer's Christian Fellowship Jamaica and the Jamaican Church that, "homosexual practice is nasty, depraved and responsible for the spread of HIV/AIDS in Jamaica," foster the proliferation of gross intolerance and homophobic violence towards gays and lesbians living in Jamaica.

Section 76, 77 & 79 of the Offences Against the Person Act violate the constitutional  rights of gay men by criminalizing consensual intimacy between gay men in private and erodes their right to equality before the law. Ten (10) years imprisonment and hard labor for consensual intimacy between gay men is constitutional and inhumane. Thieves, murders, fornicators, adulterers, pedophiles and among other criminals in most cases do not face such penalties or serve any prison/jail time.

Blaine's suggestion that "the nasty act of homosexuals spread AIDS," is reprehensible, derogatory, discriminatory, homophobic and disgraceful. This kind of attack should not be tolerated and encouraged by public officials in Jamaica.

Evidence (Betty-Ann Blaine' Facebook Conversation with Dwayne Brown)

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