Kingston, Jamaica

Monday, January 9, 2012

BIGOTS Will Not See The Face of GOD

The policing and persecution of Sexual Acts between consenting adults by Bishop Wesley Blair is totally absurd.  For the purpose of knowledge and clarity, I want the uneducated and misinformed people in Jamaica to note that homosexuality is not illegal in Jamaica, the act of anal sex (Buggery Act) is.

Failing to accept and endorse one’s sexual orientation and gender identity by the masses, does not make it lawfully illegal. However, in the Jamaican society, the customary resentment, persecution and the imprisonment of gays caught in compromising positions, makes homosexuality culturally illegal, which is one of those unwritten laws enforced by the people. Rosario (2002) defines homosexuality as the “sexual attraction to or sexual relations with members of the same sex.”  Additionally, Dixson (2010) highlighted that the so-called abnormal/unnatural tendency of “homosexuality is also displayed within the animal kingdom.” Clearly, homosexuality is not unique to humans.

On the other hand, the act of buggery defined as “anal intercourse between a man and another man, a woman, or an animal,” (The Offences against the persons Act, 1864), which evidently affects heterosexuals who engage in anal sex intercourse. Hence, in a civilized and democratic country, why is it prudent to have laws which prohibit sexual acts? And why is it an ordained mission by God to ensure that Jamaicans’ are imprisoned up to ten (10) years for practicing anal sex? Thus, the Buggery Act is inhumane, unconstitutional and it violates the fundamental human rights of our people.

Furthermore, I have logically drawn the conclusion that Christianity and Bigotry is the NEW form of Nazism. Years ago, Jews and homosexuals were killed and put into gas chambers by Nazis. Presently, in the 21th Century, church leaders such as Bishop Wesley A. Blair, Rev. Al Miller, and Bishop Herro Blair are viewed as Christian Nazis.  In a Gleaner article Wesley A Blair protested his hatred for homosexuals by suggesting that “gays should be beaten in the square of Half Way Tree in Kingston,” (Henry, 2007). Moreover, he recently urged the Prime Minister “not to BOW to gays.”

Reverent Al Miller quoted in an Observer news article cautioned Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller by suggesting “If we remove the buggery law, then we might be opening the floodgate for sexual anarchy and allowing gay Jamaicans to serve in her cabinet would be a moral depletion;” and also Bishop Herro Blair during the 2011 election pronounced that “we have to stop it in its bud, you are going to have to kill it in its bud.”

Therefore, the Nazi mentality and utterance of death and condemnation towards homosexuals is unbecoming of a Christian. A lot of Christians and bigots will never see God's face. Christianity has become a chronic narcissistic religion. 'Nazi Christians' and Bigots have forgotten what it means to show love and compassion. They show no empathy for the anomaly and for those whom they considered to be abnormal. Yet still, it is believed that they will go to heaven for being a heterosexual (a so-called prerequisite) and a homophobe.
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