Online Slots Have Something for Everyone

Online Slots for Everyone – Minority InsightWith over 120 slot machines spinning in to life on the web – there’s a game to make every one smile with delight. Check out the action – from classic old-style games, to the truly cutting-edge jackpot power.

Kitsch slots

For thousands of people, the classic pub fruit machine is the most iconic and lovable British gaming symbol – and the web doesn’t disappoint, with hundreds of ‘old school’ pub and arcade classics, complete with cartoon themes that offer serious nostalgic allure. All the cool holds, nudges, free spins, multipliers, wilds and scatters are fully-intact, and you need to blink twice to realize you’re not spinning away in a dingy corner of the local! 95% payouts, hardcore jackpots and spin values starting from as little as 0.01 – make classic slots leisure heaven.

Video slots

The web powers-up more next generation video slots than any other destination – with multi pay lines, cool bonuses and slick graphical reels and themes. Video slots have the same basic functions as classic fruit machines, but they have a more deluxe feeling, and frequently more complexity and challenges.

Advanced Feature Slots

The next slot up-grade available inside the web arcades – are the exclusive feature video slots. Most casinos offer different high-class feature slots, depending on the software used to power the casino. For example, Tomb raider Secret of the Sword and Hit Man video slots are good examples of the high-end slot market, featuring video real graphics and interactive bonus levels. If you think you’re a next generation gamer or a die-hard console lover – these are the ultimate casino games to match your vibe. Many next generation feature slots are now playable in the form of live multi-player slot tournaments, with flashing leader boards and guaranteed cash prizes for the slot masters!

Progressive jackpot slots

The ultimate slot games are without a doubt – the progressive jackpots! These slick games have a seriously nice bite, with jackpot levels that can topple $1 million, and sky rocket to multi-millions with the best spins. You need serious luck to become a millionaire – but boy will you have fun trying!
Whether you yearn for the old charm of fruit machine gaming, or want to sample the cutting-edge gaming world, the Internet slot world is the ultimate escape that guaranteed to leave you wanting a little more. Fortunately, with spins from pennies – you can have regular jackpot chasing fun – with little risk.