Online casino bonuses for high rollers

Today online casinos are open for everyone, so it is possible to meet absolutely different people there. In general, all players can be divided into two broad categories, such as usual gamblers and high rollers. And if everything is clear with usual gamblers, then the term high roller is not familiar for everyone. In fact, these people are playing with big bets and big risks. They always place incredibly high bets and are ready to spend the whole fortune on gambling. And it’s not a surprise, that they bring the main part of profit to gambling sites. That’s why they are provided with special conditions and high roller bonuses.

Certainly, online casino operators try to treat high rollers in a special way, that’s why they offer additional benefits and advantages. And the main way to attract high rollers to play casino games online is to offer incredible bonuses. However, every online gambling site has worked out a special approach to high rollers’ encouragement.

According to the first approach, high rollers are offered separate and independent bonuses for wagering a lot. So such online casinos as Casino Tropez, are ready to provide high rollers with special conditions, while usual gamblers will get usual bonuses. In this case regular players are usually offered 100% bonus with the upper limit of $100. So if a player wagers $100, he will get $100, but if the sum will be $150, the bonus still won’t exceed $100. Certainly, high rollers won’t be satisfied with such conditions. That’s why if a player wagers $1000 or more, he will get $500 as a bonus. In this case the wagering requirements are to double this sum, but it’s usually not a problem for high rollers.

According to the second approach, bonuses for high rollers and regular layers are not separated. In this case, a player can get a bonus covering his several first deposits. For example, Go Casino covers first 20 deposits, which is rather big. The bonus depends on a sum wagered and is usually 100%. So if a player wagers $200, then he will get the same sum as a bonus, and if $2000, he will receive $2000 as a bonus. So it is possible to wager big amounts of money and claim for a bonus during several days. Great, isn’t it? This approach is satisfactory for both types of online casino players.

Online Casino Bonuses For High Rollers | Minority Insight BlogSome online casinos offer a bit different approach to their clients, which is perhaps the most profitable one. Players can also claim for a bonus during several first days (usually a week), but the bonus is 200%! In this case online casinos bonuses are also not separated, but there are no wagering limits. For example, a high roller wagers $1000 every day during a week, so he may claim for $14000 as a bonus. Not everyone is able to allow spending of such great sums of money!

So these are the main types of online casino bonuses for high rollers. Beside them, high rollers can be offered additional benefits, such as luxurious prizes, VIP membership and other exclusive advantages. So every player will be able to find something suitable and exciting in online casinos today.