Chill Out And Play Through

The winning feeling is something naturally loved by all gambling participants – from novice 0.10 players, to hardcore professional stakers. However, whether you are looking for regular entertainment with a small bank, or hardcore success – you must learn how to lose! Check out the top tips.

Why are you gambling?

Thousands of people on the web love to enjoy regular gambling sessions – but ultimately, few are good enough to really call themselves highly-skilled. Unless you’re a pro level gambler, remember that gambling is meant to be a leisure activity. Yes – you could get lucky and win millions – but you need to gamble with a budget that leaves you happy whether you win or lose!

Chill-out and ‘play-through’

You’ve hit a losing session? So what! It happens to the world’s best gambling pro’s, so it’s going to happen to you. Simply set yourself a session loss limit, and quit if the chips are down, or keep your head and simply maintain a level stakes approach to grind yourself through the bad luck. With time – things usually turn around and you back among the winning bets.

Never chase gambling losses

Gamblers often think that the longer they lose for – the better their chance of winning the next bet, so they subsequently bet progressively higher and higher. However, just like the times when you hit winning rolls, you’ll also find yourself on losing runs. Don’t be lured into chasing gambling losses – the casinos and sports love you doing this because they know most people blow their banks! Cool, calm and collective wins the day – and getting mad and hot headed leads to silly decisions.

Have self-belief

Gamblers are traditionally very superstitious people – and some of Las Vegas’ most notorious players had some very strange habits – such as only walking through the door with their right foot first, and not playing at tables without an even number of players. If you gain success by doing strange things, then by all means do it every time you play. Positive thinking really could boost your success or help you make good gambling decisions.

Gamble with basic logic

Chill Out And Play Through at Casino| Minority Insight BlogWhen things are not going well – always go back to basics and remember that many gambling environments respond to strategic rules (proven laws of the game!). For example, games such as blackjack and video poker have ‘basic strategies’ that allow gamblers to play with a statistical edge, and can limit the house advantage to as little as 0.5% (enough to halt the dominance of the casino is nothing else is working). Even serious gambling pro’s have been known to go back to the basics! In addition, sensible money management will re-set your mind-set and risk, limiting your losses – such as gaming with 0.5% of your gambling bank, instead of 1%, until things pick up again.
There’s always another day! Taking a break from gambling can be a cool way to change your luck and chill out. Many gambling pro’s gamble for a maximum amount of time – before taking a total break. This strategy allows gamblers to reflect on their session, and prevents bad decision making from creeping in. Take regular breaks – whether you’re winning or losing. Breaks can last anywhere from 15 minutes, to several days.